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The Architecture Route

The Architecture route is divided into two circuits: one at the feet of the mountains and one towards the plain, in the area between the foot of Mount Grappa and the Castelfranco Veneto plain. The route is focused on this western part of the Treviso area, where a number of architectural masterpieces of unquestionable value blend into the picturesque landscape. In addition to the villas built by Palladio for eminent noble families such as the Barbaro’s and the Emo’s.

“How many a year, my Asolo, Since – one step just from sea to land – I found you, loved yet feared you so – For natural objects seemed to stand Palpably fire-clothed! No – No mastery of mine o’er these! Terror with beauty, like the Bush Burning but unconsumed. Bend knees, Drop eyes to earthward! Language? Tush! Silence ’tis awe decrees.”
Robert Browning

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